Lego City 4441 – Police Dog Van

Lego 4441 is definitely more than a Police Dog Van. It has also a gold mine entrance (which looks old and closed), a very well design convertible car for the prisoner’s escape, two mini figures (the ordinary prisoner – perhaps it’s time to retire it – and the forest officer), two dogs and a couple of additional tools.

The convertible car design is different from everything, and the final result is excellent. Its building is not much different from other vehicles with the exception of some final pieces that make it unique, particularly the engine hood, the back spoiler and the central bar that protects the cabin. I have only one doubt, if it wouldn’t be even better and realistic with small side doors. Besides that it is aesthetically perfect.Lego 4441 dog van Lego City 4441 – Police Dog VanThe small gold mine entrance is also cute. Practically is useless in terms of playability and if the prisoner escapes to it the caught will be fast. The mine has some bushes in its entrance and a bees’ hive. Ah!! And a damn sticker…Overall it’s just a piece to increase the scene’s playability.Lego 4441 convertible Lego City 4441 – Police Dog VanFinally the dogs’ van. Its structure is similar to other vehicles but inside is quite well divided. In the front’s vehicle there is a protection bar in order to save the engine and its grid from undesired obstacles. The cabin has a real seat for the driver and some old but indispensable blue doors.Lego 4441 Van Lego City 4441 – Police Dog VanIn the middle of the vehicle, there is a good compartment where the dogs are transported. And the best, it has a big dump door that also includes the roof. Finally the back part, the prisoner’s jail. It has also a dump door, similar to the dogs’ one with a grid. Stickers are present (if you prefer not to stick them the van will also look nice) as well as plenty of blue emergency and yellow focus lights.

With a good playability, this is a 2012 set with more than three hundred pieces, two mini figures and two dogs. If you wish, the instruction can be found in here:

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