Lego City 4438 – Robber’s Hideout

The Robber’s hideout is a 2012 forest police set, and is composed by a house built next to a mountain, a robust police jeep, a small moto tricycle, a radical thief car, four mini figures (two rangers and two robbers, one of which misses a couple of teeth and has a helmet and glasses. Finally there’s also a realistic bear and a couple of bushes in the mountain’s hideout.

Like it or not, the house is different from everything. It is almost a hut but it has a garage (what a luxury…). Inside, the hideout has the minimum: only a chair and a coffee cup (where is the LCD??). Outside there is a ramp in the garage’s entrance and a mailbox (?? – thieves have address??).The hideout has two doors, one for the house and other for the garage, a window and a garden’s lamp (it must be there to give a chance to the rangers…). Rocks are part of the side wall and in the roof there are some bushes and a chimney. The thieves can easily access the roof in order to watch the rangers and the bear and they also have some binoculars to have a better look.The blue tricycle is very easy to build as well as the thieves’ car. Although, the final result is quite cute. The front wheels are different from the back ones, which gives it a radical look. The axes are also built on the car’s edges, witch makes it different from other models. The windshield and the hood are also personalized for this car. Surely there is no doubt that the thieves have good taste.The ranger’s off road vehicle is robust. With big wheels, looks like it can handle any kind of obstacle. It has no rear mirrors but instead it has plenty of spot lights. In the back, there is a small car boot. Building it, you will notice a Lego’s tendency of including under covered color pieces that have nothing to do with the final product.

This Lego 4438 has a nice playability, specially complementing it with lego 4440. With four mini figures, a bear, three vehicles and a small house it is definitely a good forest set. If desired, the instruction can be found here:

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