Lego City 4427 and Lego City 30010 – Find the Differences

They have the same concept, almost the same size, only with different details. Indispensable in any town, especially if you have a headquarters, they complement any fire theme in your city. The 2012 AVT, 4427, has a fireman of the new generation and plenty of tools if we look at the vehicle’s size, including the fireman’s mask and oxygen Bootle.

It has a chain saw at the back and a fire extinguisher in the front. On the other hand the promotional 30010 Fire chief still belongs to the old school. With a steering wheel instead of the new handlebar it has, at the back, an enormous water cannon to extinguish the flames (I wonder were the water came from??).And this one is smaller than the 4427, the front wheels almost touch on the rear ones. The 30010’s fireman has the traditional black uniform, typical of many other sets.Easy and fast to build they only require thirty and fifty pieces, respectively. Talking about playability is unfair, because they don’t have much features, however they roll very well and fulfill their destined roll pretty well. They are a complement to bigger sets are pretend to be one of the first vehicles to arrive to the catastrophe theater.

Instructions can be found here if necessary:

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