Lego 4206 – Recycling Truck

This Recycling truck is a 2012’s set and at my point of view it’s a innovative set. The set is composed by a recycle point with three bins (red for glass, blue for the paper and yellow for the plastic), a truck which can transport the bins, a small lift machine and a wheelbarrow. The mini figures are three, two of which are recycle workers and a woman.

Starting by the truck, it has an ordinary cabin with “new generation” mirrors which are more resistant when playing with it, in my opinion. In the back there is enough space and three competent slots to transport the recycle bins, whenever you want, to the recycle center. Unfortunately the front of the truck is designed with stickers witch are not my taste definitely.The recycle point has three bins, one small garbage can, at the back, and the set brings a lot of garbage types to distribute through the several bin types. In reality. where I live, the truck has a big hook in order to unload it directly in the truck recycle deposit. But in this set the garbage unload is done with a lift machine (Poor machine, I wonder if there are hundreds of recycle points in the town…), which competently loads them in the truck. The articulating pieces are solid and have more than enough resistance to deal with the bin’s weight.At last, the set has also a  wheelbarrow where the woman can transport the different garbage types to the different recycle bins. This is definitely a nice set, different from all the others released in previous years and if you have a garbage truck ( the new 4432 or the 2007’s recycle truck), this well be a nice complement to it.
The Lego 4206 is a 2012 set, it has 297 pieces and 3 mini figures. The instructions can be found in here:

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