Lego 4205 – Off Road command Center

Interesting set , this one. The off road command center combines a strong truck with a trailer with a Rigid Inflatable Boat. All parts are quite interesting and very easy to build.  The set comes with 3 mini figures ( more than others years sets used to) witch is definitely a 2012 tendency. Two forest police officers and a prisoner compose the set.

The truck has a solid appearance and looks perfect for all road trips. The wheels are larger than the usual as well as its high. The vehicle has three distinct parts: the cockpit, a small storage space and a small office in the back witch is my favorite space. Starting by the cabin, it’s more from the same, this one has no seat for the driver but it brings the good old and small doors as well as a red mug. Two additional notes, the front wheel archs are different than the usual (for better ) and the mirrors are more resistant then in previous models.In the middle of the vehicle, there is a small room where you can store the life jackets, the heats, or even the small paddle.  At the back of the truck , there is room for a small office but with enough room for two computers, a chair and the good old mug. The office can the access through the left side of the vehicle through the dumper door.The Rib looks very competent in rough waters. With two seats, a round and aerodynamic windshield, and a powerful engine (at least it looks like…), it has all the attributes to go to my son’s bath. I know that it doesn’t flow… Finally the trailer, it is large as it would be expectable and with some minor changes it is able to carry other types of vehicles.
The Lego 4205 is a 2012 set, it has 403 pieces and 3 mini figures. The instructions can be found in here:

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