Lego 42011 Technic – Race Car

The new race car is a Technic set with plenty of nice details and great features. With hundred and fifty eight pieces, it will cost around twenty dollars and will surely bring a lot of fun, not only in terms of building but most of all in terms of playing because it has a pullback engine that allows it to run fast easily more than ten meters.

The design is awesome, and honestly it’s not easy to choose a starting point to talk about but I especially ask your attention to the rear wheels. Not only they are bigger than the front ones but mostly the low profile tires and all the nice details of the axes, makes this part of the car one of my favorites.

Continuing, next to these are obviously a great aileron and a V12 engine  where you can see at least half of the engine’s cylinders. It’s a pity that there are no printed pieces but instead a bunch of stickers because as you know it’s not the same. The cockpit as usual in this theme’s set doesn’t have a seat for a mini-figure but instead it has a great race driving position and a realistic steering wheel.

The front of the vehicle is extremely aerodynamic as it was expected and be careful when you release the car in the pull back movement because the long red piece, at the edge, easily falls if the cars hit on something. But don’t worry, because after al it’s normal and it is easily attached again.

At for the end is kept another great feature. If you combine this race car another set the 42010, the off road racer, you will be able to get another exclusive model, a drag race car that you can see in the pictures. If you really acquire both you will easily find the new model instructions are available only in the Lego website.

Globally it is definitely a great vehicle and the pullback mechanism is definitely the point that puts this set in the highest level. For twenty dollars don’t miss it because it is surely a great deal! Please have a look at the extended gallery:

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