Lego 42000 Technic – Grand Prix Racer

The Grand Prix Racer is the latest F1 car of Technic. It will be on stores in the beginning of 2013 and it will cost around hundred dollars. First of all I must say that I’m not an enthusiastic fan of the theme and as a consequence a great critic. So please, accept my apologies if this small text only contains banalities.

The real fun of having a set like this one is in my opinion the great moments that are spent building it. It’s amazing the complexity of all those technique pieces attached to each other, giving at the same time all the required design to the f1 model.  This one in my opinion is not inspired in one of the latest real f1, because it looks like a model with at least four or five year, at least.Of course, the playability is inverse to the quantity and quality of details,

in other words the almost null playability contrasts with the huge number of nice details. The front and rear ailerons, the suspensions and the bumpers, the wheels and even the engine, everything is brilliant.On the other hand in my opinion, and as far as I can see through the pictures the cockpit is a bit naked. But globally the model is really very good. As you can see below, another possibility of construction in this set is a big robust race truck. Using the same pieces we can get a tremendous tall vehicle with an endless engine and a great aileron at the back.

Please have a look at some additional photos, below:

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