Lego 41999 – 4×4 Crawler Exclusive Edition

Absolutely outstanding this masterpiece. This new 4×4 crawler is a new technic exclusive edition from which only twenty thousand units will be produced. The set will have exactly one thousand five hundred and eighty five pieces and as you can see through the pictures an endless list on great details.

The vehicles itself is considerably long with about forty five cms and it’s definitely one of the most enthusiastic experiences of this year in terms of building. I know that the building complexity is usually in a higher lever towards all the other themes, but this set surely appears on top perhaps because of its final look which is absolutely impressive!

As you probably know, this set is the lucky winner of the Co-Creation Technic Challenge “You Design It, We Make It” from a few months back and its designer made an intensive review about it right here which I honestly advise you to read because it is rather interesting to have a deep look at some of the huge details that this model presents.

The set box highlights some of its main features namely the interesting and different remote control, the exclusive (I don’t remember to see them in any other model…) new wheels, the remote control with plenty of options, the four wheels steering movements and the big and powerful winch at the front as wells as the powered lights. And this is just a sample of what is available in the entire model.

The suspension is incredible complex and sturdy and gives the vehicle the total capacities to easily surpass a great number of small objects. Planned to be in retail next august, this limited edition will cost two hundred dollars which according to what we can observed is more than fair. Please have a look at a few additional pictures:

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