Lego 41350 – Spinning Brushes Car Wash

The Spinning Brushes Car Wash is a Friends set that will make part of the new wave of releases, next month. It has exactly three hundred and twenty three pieces and features a colored car wash station, a small racing car, a car launcher, and the usual two mini-dolls that this time are Mia and Zack with the traditional accessories.

And this is definitely a set with some great playability. The station is basically divided on three parts: the entrance with a nice outdoor on top, a small store in the middle with a glass door and the wash machine on the opposite side.

The washing area obviously catches all the attentions and it surely has reasons for that. The rolling platform and also the brushes are built with a few technic pieces and can be controlled through a knob placed on the outside. On top there’s a surveillance camera as well as a couple of flags that give the structure a typical girl’s look.

Next to it, the convenience store has inside only the essential: a small freezer, a coffee machine and a small Flat TV on top. Two notes for the gas pump on the outside and also for the kart launcher which are always nice in terms of playability and finally, of course, the bunch of stuff that the guys have to give an extra touch of bright to the cars.

Globally, it is surely a nice Friends set with some pretty features to enjoy and play with. The car wash looks great and has the perfect size for other small cars and the mini-dolls, as always, are nicely dressed. The set should be available on retail shortly with a price around the thirty bucks. Enjoy it!

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