Lego 41348 – Service & Care Truck

Friends will have a few racing sets and the new Service and Care Truck is one of them. The exact piece count and price is not known yet but looking at the pictures it’s not hard to imagine something around the two hundred pieces, perhaps a few more with the respective price around the twenty five bucks.

This new set has a nice blue truck with plenty of small colored pieces and a flat bed to transport a racing car, a small kart , a mini-doll which honestly I can’t identify who it is, a little cat and a micro robot, and a few racing accessories such as a hump with a sign.

The truck is absolutely different from the usual. The cabin is clearly higher and longer which is good in terms of space and the Girl will surely have plenty of space for additional staff. The roof has a double horn and can be easily removed in order to access the interior and increase the playability.

At the back, the flat bed with a ramp has the appropriate space to transport the Kart as well as some other small vehicles (I would bet that a “Smart” fits there). Just behind the cab, which has a small window to the back, there is also an extra element that I can’t figure out what it is, I’ll have to wait for some additional pics. On the other hand, the Kart is extremely small and simple but at the same time very colored.  Instead of a steering wheel, there’s a central handler and a seat for the girl.

 Globally, it is absolutely a nice set which some nice racing elements. The truck is a good addition in terms of playability but that Kart can also provide some great hours of fun, especially if you add a few more for a race. The set should be available in June, together with the rest of the second wave of Friends sets. Enjoy it!

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