Lego 41343 – Heartlake City Airplane Tour

The Heartlake City Airplane Tour is a new Friends set that has just hit stores. With around three hundred pieces, it definitely has a lot of potential not only in terms of playability but also as it seems a really nice addition to the racing sets if we think about all that is around the big championship.

As you can see though the pictures, the set features a small airport with a beautiful and unusual control tower and a slider, an airplane, a toolkit with plenty of tools and accessories, Olivia with a cool robot with light signs and a always useful table with food that fits perfectly everywhere.

The colored airplane has a nice vintage look with a big propeller at the front. The double wings are not very wide but seem sturdy enough to make some good flights. Olivia has her piloting seat almost in the back and nearby there’s a single stud for the little bear. In the back the tail shows a pink heart and best of all a long flag with some publicity of Heartlake.

The control tower is for me the best part of the set. With the control room on top it show also a really nice slider, not only for Olivia but also for the little robot. In the tower, which is accessed through a small ladder, it is possible to find some handlers, a nice control panel and room for some extra food. On top, the radar can easily turn around 360 degrees and show all the planes that are in the air.

Globally, for around thirty dollars, this is absolutely a great set. The airplane looks nice and sturdy, the control tower is a great element that can interact with some other sets and Olivia as always is nicely dressed. Try to find it in your local store, it’s already available on shelves!

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