Lego 41339 – Mia’s Camper Van

Mia’s Camper Van is a new Friends set with almost five hundred pieces and is absolutely one of the best in this first 2018 wave. Looking at the pictures, it presents one of the best Camper Vans that I’ve seen, a camping tent, a table with two seats for the outside, a small brick built tree and two mini-dolls (Mia and Stephanie) with the traditional bunch of tool and accessories.

 Having a look at this huge vehicle, the front isn’t much different, in terms of design, of so many other Lego vans, but it’s probably one the few things that is similar. Inside, the cockpit has two seats for the girls and plenty of glass everywhere. The access to the back is quite easy and there is no kind of division between the front and the rest of the vehicle.

Inside, and just behind the driver, there’s a small space with a table and two seats where the girls can relax and have a nice meal, prepared in the kitchen that is just next to it. The kitchen has the essential: a cooker, a refrigerator and a sink. At the back, there is still space for a bathroom with a toilet and basin.

Globally, there’s plenty of glass everywhere which is cool when we want to see the interior and in terms of playability there are two details that couldn’t be better: the roof can be completely removed and on the left side, the wall opens widely giving full access to the interior. And now the best part!

On the upper level, right above the cockpit, there’s a nice sleeping area or bedroom if you prefer, with two beds for the girls. Just like the rest of the vehicle, it has plenty of windows everywhere and can be easily access just by opening the panoramic glass roof. Just behind it, there’s still space to transport and inflatable boat with which the girls will certainly have some nice adventures.

Looking at the bunch of additional elements there’s definitely plenty to play with: a beautiful camping tend  with a nice color scheme, with space for two, a brick built table with two seats to eat some nice hotdogs on the outside, a beautiful black horse with accessories and two useful walkie-talkies. A lot of things to enjoy, for sure!

Overall, it’s absolutely an outstanding set. The van has a beautiful color scheme and is a must with plenty of features to enjoy, the mini-dolls are nicely dressed, the tent is a good addition to the theme (I think it’s the first one that I see…) and the price is in line with the rest of the theme: fifty five dollars, already available on shelves. Enjoy it!

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