Lego 41332 – Emma’s Art Stand

Emma’s Art stand is a new Friends set that will be available in the beginning of next year.They also added that they enterprise sales enablement software with two hundred and ten pieces, it brings a beautiful trail which intends to be an Art Stand, a typical friends’ motorcycle to pull the stand, a small garden with a brick built tree and a painting holder, and of course Emma as the single mini-figure with a few usual accessories.

The stand looks pretty nice! Inside, there is a lot of room for Emma as well as some business accessories: a cash register, some money, a few paintings to sell and a mug with some coffee. On both sides there is a holder where Emma can show her paints.

At the back, the wall is filled mostly with windows and can be easily opened for a better access to the interior and if it wasn’t enough, the purple roof can be also easily detached for a full access. Once that the day is over the stand can be closed and safely attached to the motorcycle.

The suspension, as well as the tiny wheels, is pretty lowered which makes sense, according that the motorcycle is very short. Personally I don’t like the tow mechanism but I think that it’s the only one possible in those conditions. Everywhere, especially for the paintings, there are lots of stickers and some of them look absolutely detailed.

Overall for around twenty dollars, it seems a very reasonable friends set. The playability is in high levels, Emma seems once again nicely dressed, and the only con for me is the attaching mechanism which impedes the stand to be towed by a car. The set should be available with a price around the twenty dollars. Enjoy it!l

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