Lego 41325 – Heartlake City Playground

Official images of the first Friends set designed by a Lego fan have been unveiled, showing the new Heartlake playground, definitely a lack until the moment in so many released sets. The winner of the contest and creator of this set (very similar to the original…) is an eight years old girl, Sienna, who incredibly had the original idea.

The set includes a complete playground with, as usual, an impressive number of features to play and details to enjoy and also an ice cream cart, a small lake with a fountain in the middle and two mini-dolls (Sienna the designer – what an honor… and Mia) with accessories.Lego-41325-Heartlake-City-Playground-4

The playground includes a tree house with a flag on top with space for the girls and some additional friends, a climbing wall, a twister slide, a seesaw, a merry-go-round and a separate plate with a couple of swings that move back and forward. That’s absolutely a lot for girls to enjoy!Lego-41325-Heartlake-City-Playground-2

There’s no information about its availability but through the set box it is possible to see that it will bring three hundred and twenty sixty pieces which will put the price on something between the thirty and forty bucks. My truly congratulations to Sienna for this achievement!Lego-41325-Heartlake-City-Playground-3

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