Lego 41323 – Snow Resort Chalet

The Snow Resort Chalet is a Friends set that has been recently released. With a bit more than four hundred pieces, it features a nice and cozy snow Chalet with plenty of different colors and stuff to enjoy, especially on the inside, a snow mobile, a small rack with skis to rent, lots of additional accessories and two mini-dolls: Andrea and Amy.

If we just knock at the door, surely we can’t imagine all the space and features that it shows inside. The entrance as well as the building itself, it’s very simple, with a couple of steps at the front, the classic wood walls with a few flowers, a small lake at the corner and the sloping roof filed with snow. But once we get in, the fun begins.

In the ground floor we can find a nice living room with a sofa, a small fireplace, some magazines and a few decoration elements. If the girls get hungry, a small kitchen with the indispensable can also be found in the opposite corner: a stove with oven, a small freezer and a bench with some food are absolutely enough to make a nice warm meal.

Upstairs, the space isn’t much (by the way the girls must fly or jump because there aren’t any ladders), in the bedroom, there are two nice beds for a good nap and a bedside table. A small kitty seems also to be in the house and will absolutely give the girls plenty of good and funny moments.

Outside, the snowmobile with a trailer looks pretty nice. In the front there is a pin for a digital camera and at the back, besides the space for the second girl, there’s also a clip for the skis. Overall it’s definitely a good Friends set with plenty of nice details and playability. The set retails around the forty dollars which is in line with the rest of the theme. Enjoy it!    

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