Lego 41320 – Heartlake Frozen Yogurt Shop

Here is another interesting Friends building. With almost four hundred pieces, the set features a colored Yogurt Shop with a Drive in, a yellow convertible with an unusual yellow shade, a small esplanade with a table and some seats to enjoy the ice creams and two mini dolls (Olivia and Julian) with assorted accessories.

At the first glance, the Frozen Yogurt shop isn’t much different from many other Friends’ sets but looking closely, there are definitely some new details to enjoy. First of all, the drive in section!Lego-41320-Heartlake-Frozen-Yogurt-Shop-4

I guess that this is probably the first time that I see a drive-in in Friends, and the result looks pretty cool in terms of playability. The costumers have the option to stop the car and make their requests directly from the outside. For that, the shop has a small window where Julian can deliver the frozen yogurts.

Inside, there is a bunch of small stuff with plenty of different colors: an ice cream machine, a refrigerator with several flavors of yogurt, a table at the corner, and of course a cash dispenser with money and phone nearby. All this complemented with a few small stickers, including the outside. Everywhere there is also plenty of windows which, together with the adopted color scheme, gives the shop a really nice lookLego-41320-Heartlake-Frozen-Yogurt-Shop-3

The yellow car, on the other hand, is similar to so many other friends’ vehicles, and the major point is probably its yellow shades which seem a bit different from the usual. Inside there is space for two figures and at the back, in the sort of trunk, Olivia has a place to carry a big ice bucket with yogurt or ice-cream.Lego-41320-Heartlake-Frozen-Yogurt-Shop-2

Overall, it’s a pretty nice set, especially if you don’t have many Friends shop or buildings. The drive in is a nice feature in terms of playability, inside there’s definitely a lot to enjoy and the guys, as well are nicely dressed. The set retails with a price around the forty dollars which seems fair. Enjoy it!

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