Lego 41319 – Snow Resort Hot Chocolate Van

The Snow Resort Hot Chocolate Van is a new Friends set that will be available on stores this month. With around two hundred and fifty pieces, it features a pretty interesting round van, two slides, a couple of sleds, two girls (Mia and Amanda) and lots of accessories that include a small table and some chocolate mugs.

I like that van! With an incredible number of different colors, it presents on the roof a big brown mug to attract more customers. The roof detaches easily and one of the sides opens widely, allowing to access the interior and all its details where is possible to find a cash register, some ingredients for the hot drinks and of course the hot chocolate machine.Lego-41319-Snow-Resort-Hot-Chocolate-Van-friends-2

With plenty of glass all around the van, it has also at the front, the driving seat with the usual steering wheel. Outside, the girls have also a small table to relax and enjoy the hot chocolate.  When they’re ready, two sleds are ready to slide down and give the day some more fun and playability. The Girls are as usual pretty accurate and nicely dressed with some colored snow suits.Lego-41319-Snow-Resort-Hot-Chocolate-Van-friends-1

Overall, it’s a small but interesting winter friends set. The van looks cool with some features to play with, the slides are also a major point and the price, around twenty five dollars is in line with the rest of the theme. Enjoy it!Lego-41319-Snow-Resort-Hot-Chocolate-Van-friends

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