Lego 41317 – Sunshine Catamaran

The Sunshine Catamaran is another great Friends Ship with lots and lots of incredible features to play with and enjoy. After the Last Dolphin Cruiser, this is surely the biggest water set and it definitely promises a lot!

It has a considerable size, a bit more than six hundred pieces, and shows also, besides the big Catamaran, a small jet ski with a banana, a couple of dolphins and three mini-dolls (Olivia, Stephanie and Liam) prepared for Summer with the usual accessories.Lego-41317-Sunshine-Catamaran-friends-1

At the first glance, it is possible to see three different levels. The first, with all the inside facilities,  the second one, outside, with lots of space to have some nice sun baths and finally the highest of all where Olivia maneuvers the machine and all the guys can take place for the slide diving.

Through the set box picture, despite not having the best resolution, we can see that the top can be easily detached, giving total access to the interior. The details aren’t clear unfortunately, but it’s not hard to imagine what to find inside: some food and drinks, a small resting area and of course the usual girls’ accessories. In the back there’s also a big door and some ladders where is possible to move between the different floors.Lego-41317-Sunshine-Catamaran-friends

Outside, the fun continues and the big yellow net at the front definitely contributes for that. Nearby, there are also two colored sun loungers to enjoy the sun baths. In the same level, all around the ship, a few bar protections ensure that the friends don’t fall into the water. The central bar is definitely very well conceived and provides some nice fresh drinks to the ladies.

On top Olivia is surely comfortably seated in order to maneuver the Catamaran and besides the seat and handlers she has also a small table with fruit and fresh drinks. Right behind her, the other guys can go for some slides to the sea. The blue slide looks pretty sturdy and surely will give some great hours of fun. The big sail is also quite beautiful and looks quite well attached to ship.

Continuing with the fun, the jet ski with the banana is absolutely an added value in terms of playability and can also be easily stored inside the ship. Overall it’s definitely a must for the Friends fan. The Catamaran is huge in terms of details and playability and the price seems reasonable: sixty dollars! The set should be available on stores next June. Enjoy!

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