Lego 41316 – Andrea’s Speedboat Transporter

Andrea’s Speedboat Transporter is a Friends set that will hit stores next Summer. With around three hundred pieces, it shows some nice stuff to enjoy namely a speed boat, a convertible with a trailer, a small harbor with an esplanade nearby and two mini-dolls (Andrea and Emma) with the usual accessories.

As always on this theme, the multiple colors used on all the elements give the set a really nice look.  The car for instance, that globally looks larger than usual and not very long, mixes purple with light green and the final result looks good. Inside, the cockpit seems to have the appropriate space for the handlers, the girls and also for a guitar.Lego-41316-Andrea-Speedboat-Transporter-friends

Right at its back, the trailer shows a skinny structure but with all the major elements to transport safely the girls’ boat. Having a look at this one, the set box gives a pretty clear look, not being very big, it seems perfect for the girls to enjoy the water ski. Inside, it seems to have space only for one girl but I’m sure that the other will certainly enjoy to be pulled by the rope.

The harbor is also very colored and shows plenty of nice features for the girls. Nearby, in the beach there are two nice chairs and a big sun shade, some magazines, hotdogs, some fruit and a small table. In the harbor the girls have also the possibility to pick up some nice and delicious fresh juices.Lego-41316-Andrea-Speedboat-Transporter-friends-1

Overall it’s definitely a pretty interesting deal. The boat and the car are absolutely two major points in terms of playability but the girls and all the tiny elements from the harbor are also an added value. The set should only be available next June with a retail price around the thirty dollars.

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