Lego 41315 – HeartLake Surf Shop

The HeartLake surf shop is a pretty Friends set with plenty of seaside colors and nice small elements to enjoy. With a small size, featuring only hundred and eighty six pieces, it shows a small seaside building, a purple kayak, a small rack with a couple of boards and a mini-doll, Mia, with the usual accessories.

The surf shop is not very big but definitely looks nice. Built over a couple of sea and sand plates, it has at the front some sand and water as well as a small harbor. The access to the shop is made through the sand and just right next to it, there’s also space for a nice chair where Mia can have some hot sun

Inside the shop, the space isn’t much but just as the customers come in, they have some nice sun glasses to choose as well as surf accessories. The stickers in the wall suggest also some beach accessories such as sun protectors or a couple of beach bags for the ladies. Nearby Mia has also a terminal to register all the

Globally it’s a pretty interesting deal especially if you’re looking for some extra seaside elements to add to your collection. The variety of surf and beach elements is pretty interesting, attempting to set’s size, and Mia once again is quite accurate and ready to have fun in the kayak. The set is already available on retail with a price around the twenty bucks. Enjoy it!

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