Lego 41311 – Heartlake Pizzeria

The Heartlake Pizzeria is a new Friends set that has recently hit stores. With exactly two hundred and eighty nine pieces, it features a pretty colored Pizzeria with two floors and an endless number of features and accessories to enjoy, a delivery vehicle and two figures: Emma and Oliver.

The building, built upon a 16*16 purple plate, looks fantastic and it’s clearly divided in two areas: The ground floor is all occupied by the Pizzeria and all the things that are necessary to make and deliver the pizzas. The first floor, on the other hand, is basically a restaurant in a great balcony with all the necessary furniture as well as a nice Pizzeria-friends-3

The entrance isn’t very bug but definitely looks really cozy. With a glass door in the middle, it shows also a couple of windows and some flowers nearby. Entering, there’s surely a lot to play with. At the corner there’s a red phone with a computer to take all of all the take away Pizzeria-friends-2

In the middle, there’s a bench with all the ingredients and tools to make the pizzas and the wood over is close to it to ensure that the pizzas are delicious and ready on time. At the opposite corner there is an extra bench for the pasta that includes a stove, a pan, a graver and a Pizzeria-friends

The restaurant is placed on the balcony which gives the building a very cool look. With two tables and respective seats, it features also some dishes, knives and forks, some glasses and of course, pizzas for the costumers. Oliver will be the waiter but I guess that he’ll make some home deliveries as well in the tricycle. This tiny vehicle has the trivial: a place for the driver, a GPS nearby (ok… this part is new….) and at the back, a nice compartment to store the pizzas.  lego-41311-Heartlake Pizzeria-friends-1

Overall for around thirty dollars, it’s hard to ask for more. The Pizzeria looks really nice not only in terms of beauty but also if we attempt to the playability. The mini dolls look as always quite accurate with nice suits and I’m sure that the girls will surely find this set a great addition to Heartlake City!

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