Lego 41310 – Heartlake Gift Delivery

The Heartlake Gift delivery is a new Friends set that will be available next January. This twenty dollars set exactly two hundred and eighty five pieces and features a small gift shop with plenty of glass, a delivery van, with lots of different colors, a few additional elements such a mail box, a cart or, three gift boxes and a small stand, and Stephanie to manage the business.

The small store is effectively really small. The store front is built up a 12×4 plate and shows lots of glass with two columns on the edges and inside it is possible to see a cash register, some small gifts to sell, a balance and some small accessories. Outside three’s a board with the prices and a small publicity outdoor on the

The Van is perhaps the best part in terms of playability and it definitely handles quite well with the job. With a cubic shape, it shows a wide cockpit with a seat for Stephanie and a usual steering wheel. The van has no side doors but there’s surely plenty of glass all around the driver. On top, the roof, which has a gift box ornament, is easily detachable to access the

At the back there’s lots of space to transport the gift boxes, that can be easily loaded through the back door and as if that wasn’t enough there’s also a tipper door on top for a better handle. Curiously there aren’t many stickers, but the big ones, placed aside are surely an added value in terms of

Stephanie as always looks pretty beautiful with some summer clothes, and the accessories like that small cart, the mail box or even the gifts boxes are always useful to increase the party. Overall, for the piece that’s absolutely a really interesting seat with nice features to enjoy and play. The set should be available next year with a price around the twenty dollars.

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