Lego 41131 – Friends Advent Calendar

In a time when the news about new releases aren’t much, let’s have a look at the 2016 Friends Advent Calendar that will be available next autumn. The set will contain around two hundred and eight pieces and will features just like the others, twenty four gifts and four new online surprises that can be checked in the set box.

In terms of gifts, they will feature only two mini-dolls (Mia and Emma nicely dressed with winter suits) and a lot of stuff not only to enjoy and play with but most of all to make a great living room just like in the set box, in a total of other twenty two elements.Lego-41131-Friends-Advent-Calendar-3

The gifts besides the two dolls include among other things, a piano, a mail box,  a Christmas tree and a couple of gifts, a snowman, a small barbecue, two seats and a small table, a digital camera, lots of kitchen accessories, an electric guitar, a small island with a little bear and a fish, and a fireplace.Lego-41131-Friends-Advent-Calendar

Overall, it’s a quite interesting advent calendar. There are surely some nice parts to enjoy and most of them are definitely great additions to other Friends sets. Just like the other two, this new set will be available only next November and should retail with a price around the thirty dollars.Lego-41131-Friends-Advent-Calendar-1Lego-41131-Friends-Advent-Calendar-2

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