Lego 41129 – Amusement Park Hot Dog Van

The Amusement Park of Heartlake will have some very interesting sets and the new Hot Dog Van will definitely be one of them. This new Friends set will feature a beautiful Hot Dog Van with lots of nice features to enjoy, a  picture board to take some souvenir photos and two mini-dolls with assorted accessories (that includes a great hot dog disguise: Stephanie and Nate.

At the first look, it’s almost impossible not to see the shapes of a big hot. The two half sausages on the edges of the van, inside the bread, are surely very funny, and a good way to attract the

The hot dog van is more like a sort of trailer because there isn’t any type of handlers inside, however there’s a small issue in my opinion that is the fact of not having any tow mechanism that allows the van to be towed by another vehicles. How can this great stand move from one place to another??

Forgetting this small detail, the van looks really cool and inside, it’s possible to see plenty of nice features for the girls to play with. Stephanie has at her disposal some hot dogs to sell, several types of sauce, a cash dispenser that includes some money and even two brick built seats for the

Best of all, at the back there’s a small ladder to the roof where the available space is filled with a nice esplanade where is possible to find a round table (that includes a couple of bottles) with two seats. That’s surely a beautiful way and unusual at the same time, to increase the fun and playability of this hot dog vehicle.

Nearby the van, there’s also a small wall with a picture (it seems to be from a beach) where the costumers can put their faces and take some photos as a souvenir.  Nate on the other hand has a hot dog mask in order to attract more costumers for the

Globally this looks a great addition to Heartlake and a must for the friends’ fans.  The Hot dog Van looks really cool and the mini-dolls once again are especially accurate. With exactly two hundred and forty five pieces, this set should hit markets in June with a price around the thirty dollars which sounds reasonable.  Enjoy the pictures!

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