Lego 41126 – Heartlake Riding Club

The Heartlake Riding Club is a new Friends set that will be available on stores next Summer, during the next wave of Lego releases. It’s one of the biggest sets with five hundred and seventy five pieces that will feature the building, two mini-dolls (Stephanie and Mia), two beautiful horses and lots of accessories not only for the dolls but most of all for the ponies.

It this list, we can find for instance lots of stuff that include a single island with two boxes for the food, some barriers to make exercise, a column with a rope to practice and of course the endless number of purple accessories for the girls.Lego-41126-Heartlake-Riding-Club-friends

The building uses a traditional Friends color scheme, mixing dark red with some light brown and a big number of different colors spread a little bit everywhere. The riding club doesn’t seem very complex in terms of structure, showing plenty of space for the horses and some small facilities for the ladies in the first floor.

On the right we can see two identical stables with a blue door and a nice path in the ground made with a few rocks. In this part, the horses have also a small bucket with water and two big boxes for the food. On the opposite corner there’s an extra stable slightly different from the other two but probably with the same purpose! I especially liked the big wind vane placed in the roof.Lego-41126-Heartlake-Riding-Club-friends-2

The central entrance is perhaps the prettiest part of club, showing a nice arch built upon two columns of small bricks and featuring also two small lamps, one on each side with the riding club logo on top. Inside we can find a couple of seats and a small podium with trophies, probably won by the horses on previous competitions.

The first floor isn’t very clear through the pictures, but the small shades indicate a comfortable area, probably with a small resting room where we will probably find a table with some seats, a water machine with some mugs and some small shelves in a corner. On top, besides the wind vane, there is also a nice riding camp flag.Lego-41126-Heartlake-Riding-Club-friends-1

Having a look to the animals, they’re very pretty, for sure, with completely different shades and as always, the cell can be easily mounted and dismounted whenever the ladies want to have a ride. Overall, it’s a very beautiful set for the girls with an honest price. The mini-figures are nicely dressed, the horses look cute, and the building has definitely a lot of stuff to play with. The set should be available next June with a retail price around the sixty dollars. Enjoy it!

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