Lego 41118 – Heartlake Supermarket

Heartlake has a lot of houses, shops or markets but I think that is the first time that receives a Supermarket. And looking at the pictures, besides the traditional bunch of different colors, I would say that inside and outside there’s a lot of stuff to enjoy.

This new Friends set has around three hundred pieces (a bit more…) and features a  nice colored Supermarket with an endless number of accessories and tools, especially inside, a new shopping cart with a parking island, a small stand, in the outside, with some newspapers and two mini-figures: Mia and Daniel.Lego-41118-Heartlake-Supermarket-friends

The Supermarket, as you can see more closely in the pictures, is built upon two purple plates which can be configured on different positions (square or a bit more long) allowing making two different supermarkets. Inside there are plenty of goods to be bought and list if quite extensive:Lego-41118-Heartlake-Supermarket-friends-1

A bench with fresh bread and cakes (it even has a small tong to pick them), a take away area with food that includes meat and fish barbecue, and sushi ( I love those small elements…), lots of different vegetables and fruit, a refrigerator with milk and yogurts, and finally a small stand with beauty products. I’m sure that the girls will love all this stuff. Finally at the corner, near the entrance, is placed the cash register and a couple of baskets for the costumers.

Outside, the fun continues with a few additional elements: the shopping cart with the paring area is awesome (I think is a new element), near the windows there’s space for a brown box with some vegetables and finally nearby there’s also a stand with the daily newspapers. Finally, in terms of mini-dolls, the couple is as always nicely dressed with some beautiful clothes.Lego-41118-Heartlake-Supermarket-friends-2

Globally, at the first glance, it looks like another usual Friends house, but looking closely, there are some new elements and ideas that make this supermarket unique which makes it a pretty interesting deal, especially if you don’t have too many friends’ buildings. The set is already available on retail with a price around the thirty dollars. Enjoy it!

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