Lego 41108 – Heartlake Food Market

The Heartlake Food Market is a pretty nice Friends set that has recently hit stores. It has almost four hundred pieces and features a colored market with two floors, two mini dolls (Mia and Maya), a small motorcycle, a cat and an endless number of accessories that includes two boxes with fruit, a small outdoor with the goods’ prices, a basket and also a small bench with a lamp.

There are, in this moment, plenty of beautiful friends’ buildings and this one takes the chance of being just one more among the others but I think that it is always possible to find some new details and nice stuff to play with.

The store is on the ground the floor and through the pictures it’s possible to see that there is plenty of space, not only for the food but also for the customers. At the corner, there is a small terminal with a cash dispenser, next to the entrance there are a few shelves with some bottles and also a couple of boxes with plenty of different fruits. Next to the store, with the access through the back, there is also a small bathroom.

The first floor is a sort of penthouse for the girls to take some rest. The girls seem to have at their disposal a nice pink sofa, a small white table and at the corner and there is also a small kitchen with all the necessary equipment, On the opposite wall, it is also possible to find a small ladder that will give access to the roof.

The outside is a bit small but is also nicely detailed. There are some same ladders at the corner that allow to go to the first floor and right in the middle a big window with an arch shape is the ideal for having a perfect view of what is going on in the inside. Next to it, there are plenty of flowers and the entry door with a small carpet and a nice outdoor publicity.

Overall this is definitely a really nice friends set. The building doesn’t resume only to the food section, it has also an apartment in the first floor which is awesome in terms of playability and if we think about the additional accessories that it has, I think that the fun is guaranteed. The bench with the lamp and the funny motorcycle are also pretty nice and as always, the two girls are nicely dressed. The new Heartlake food store is already available on stores with a price around the forty dollars. Enjoy it!

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