Lego 41107 – Pop Star Limousine

The Pop Star Limousine is a new Friends set that, together with the Heartlake Airport, was only unveiled in the past days. The piece count is not know yet, but I would say that it will have something around the three hundred pieces, which will be responsible for the awesome limousine, two mini-dolls ( Livi and Olivia), a red carpet and a small stage with two seats for the pop stars.

First of all, let me tell you that I love this convertible limousine. It looks rather pretty – the white mixed with a few purple and golden details gives it a really nice look – and the fact that all the inside elements are available surely increases it playability.

At the front, the driver has plenty of space and lots of glass everywhere. The round windshield is quite aerodynamic giving the car a very cool look at the front. Inside we can also see the usual: a steering wheel for the driver and two long seats for the figures. The limo’s doors are placed in the middle, providing a really nice entry for the stars.

Inside the space is huge! Just behind the driver, there is space for some drinks, as well as two long seats for the girls, and at the back there is a big flat screen with a couple of speakers. The red carpet is extremely simple to build but the final result is awesome, giving the set an additional touch in terms of beauty and action.

Finally having a look to the small stage, it is slightly raised, the stars will have to climb a couple of stair, and shows a couple of seats with a small table in the middle and a really nice black wall at the back. The several accessories such as the publicity outdoor, the flowers’ bouquet or even the digital camera give also the mini-dolls all they need to have an incredible 2015 heartlake tour.

Overall, this looks absolutely a fantastic friends set. The convertible Limousine is awesome, especially in terms of beauty and playability, but all its major accessories surely add plenty of value and action to the set. The price won’t be far from the thirty dollars and it should start retailing probably next month. Have a look at the gallery:

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