Lego 41106 – Pop Star Tour Bus

The Pop star Tour Bus is a Friends set with almost seven hundred pieces that will bring a new travel touch to the girls. As you can see, it features a big and long Bus with lots of interesting details, outside and inside, three mini-dolls nicely dressed and with the usual accessories: Livi, Stephanie and Mia.

Besides these elements, the set features also a small round table with a sunshade that includes a few drinks for the girls, a basket with some fruit, three deck chairs, a couple of speaker s on the top of two columns and a DJ table.

The Bus looks definitely pretty cool. With lots of glass everywhere, it is possible to see and easily access to all the inside features which is absolutely nice in terms of playability. The chosen color scheme couldn’t be better, mixing black with Magenta, in line with other friends’ sets of this 2015 wave.

Additionally, on the outside it shows all the major details of a bus, namely the discreet engine grill at the front, two black rear mirrors, a couple of steps for the drivers and the triple wheel axle. One small appointment in the wheels, in my opinion the golden stars are completely dispensable (ok, it’s a girls set…).

At the front, the vertical windshield has four pink lights on top and gives an excellent visibility to the driver. The driver’s seats don’t have any kind of barriers to the back compartments showing two seats, with no studs, for the girls with the appropriate space and the usual steering wheel.

Just behind the cabin, there is what it seems a wide bedroom with all the comfort and tools for the pop stars. Here, it is possible to identify a big and comfortable bed with a mysterious envelope on top, a flat screen, and two small cabinets with lots of bottles on top and an extra seat on its front. Through the set box, it is also possible to see that the roof can be easily removed giving an excellent access to the interior. Looking at the back, there is a big door that lead up to a second compartment from which its interior isn’t very clear, at least looking at the available pictures. Will it be a sort of Jacuzzi?

Having a quick look at the smaller parts, the DJ table is really pretty, featuring four powerful lights and a couple of golden disks to play some really nice music. On the other hand the girls have everything to soak up the sun, thanks to the three deck chairs that combine perfectly with rest in terms of color.

Overall, this is a must in terms of beauty and playability. The Bus looks awesome on every angle, the girls are once again nicely accurate, and globally it will interact perfectly with other friends’ sets. The set should hit stores next June with a retail price around the eighty dollars.

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