Lego 41103 – Pop Star Recording Studio

The Pop Star Recording Studio is a new friends’ set that has recently hit stores. With exactly one hundred and seventy two pieces, it is not very big, but definitely shows a huge potential in terms of fun and playability.

As you can easily see, the recording studio features a big production room with a bunch of different accessories that includes: a computer with lots of different controls, a CD player with an eject function, a video camera, a small stand with a microphone, a sofa and other minor elements such as a guitar, a sheet music and also a magazine.

The only con in this set is in terms of the number of mini-dolls. It has one, Olivia, but I think that it should have at least an extra girl for obvious reasons: at the same time that Olivia is playing, there should be another girl in the production room. This area has clearly four different panels with stickers on the edges and a big control panel in the center with the mentioned controls, brick built speakers and of course a bunch of different colors.

Olivia, on the other hand, will definitely have a complete set of technical equipment to play with. Besides the purple guitar and the headset, she has also a nice video camera, a sheet music, a small lights panel and a nice sofa to have a nice nap. As you can see, the fun and playability is surely guaranteed.

Overall, it’s definitely a pretty nice friends set. With lots of small pieces, it shows also a lot of stuff to enjoy and the only con, for me, is the fact that there should be a second girl that I think that globally would not increase too much the final cost. The set is already on stores and retails around the twenty dollars.

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