Lego 41099 – HeartLake Skate Park

Next summer, the girls will have a new skate park in Heartlake. This new Friends set will bring almost two hundred pieces and will feature a few different obstacles including two quarter pipes, a mini half-pipe with additional elements like a small barrier on the edge, a sort of bridge over the water with a tree next to it and a red machine with probably some drinks.

Mia, the chosen girl for this set has also a little puppy and some accessories for the fun, like a radio, a digital camera and of course a green skate. I must say that I enjoy this set in terms of color but I have some doubts if it good it terms of playability.

The mini-half pipe with an orange bench looks pretty nice with a considerable number of curved parts but I have my doubts if the little dog will cross the entire obstacle without help. The two quarter pipes can be attached to each other with a white barrier and the only con that I see here is the fact that they don’t start in the ground, making difficult the beginning of the turn.

The small bridge looks pretty cool. It not only gives the idea that the skate park is near the sea but in another perspective it can be easily integrated with another friends or even city sets. Finally in a close look to the drink machines, it is possible to see not only its main features but also a sticker with a small keyboard and the indication for the coin’s slot.

Overall, this new skate park looks interesting despite my doubts about its playability. The pipes and the bridge look absolutely nice and Mia with her helmet and a nice suit is nicely equipped for the fun. With a release date scheduled for next June, the set should have a retail price around the twenty dollars.

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