Lego 41098 – Emma’s Tourist Kiosk

Here is another Friends set that a person that I know will certainly beg to get their hands on it. It’s not big, it’s not expensive and if we join the fact that it brings some nice elements to play with, then I guess that is a good reason to have a closer view at it.

Emma’s Tourist Kiosk is a new Friends’ set that has been released recently. It has exactly ninety eight pieces that features the Tourist Kiosk with lots of small accessories, a bench with a red mailbox, a white water pump, two tinny roller skates (are they a new piece??) and a mini-doll, Emma.

Despite not being my favorite theme, I like this kiosk. It has lots of nice elements for the girls to play with and fits perfectly on every city corner. As expected it is quite simple to build, mixing basically two brown shades with orange and blue, upon a garden plate. On top there’s also a small tower clock.

On the Kiosk, Emma seems to have a lot of stuff to sell to tourists: postcards, juice bottles, a sunscreen, a couple of hair accessories, sunglasses and even a magazine are some of the things that can be bought here. Definitely I think that the girls will enjoy this in terms of playability. Emma, once again, is nicely dressed and the several accessories that include roller skates will certainly delight the girls.

Globally, it seems a pretty interesting entry set. The building experience is obviously almost none but the couple of elements that it brings will surely integrate perfectly with other bigger sets. The Tourist Kiosk is available since June and retails around the ten dollars.

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