Lego 41097 – Heartlake Hair Balloon

The Heartlake Balloon is a new Friends set with a release date scheduled for 2015, January. With a middle size, two hundred and fifty two pieces to be exact, it brings a new hot air balloon (curiously I don’t remember to see any balloon for some good years…), a small hill with plenty of nice things and two mini dolls: Andrea and Noah.

The basket seems quite detailed, having all the necessary requirements for a safe flight: the propane burner, the flame structure that will heat the cold air and, of course, the couple of green ballast bags placed outside the basket and attached through black bars to the central column.

With an appropriate color combination, it has a small door in one of sides and more than enough space inside, not only for the mentioned elements but also for Andrea and Noah. Above the basket and stuck to the burner, the big envelope made with white and purple shadows has a small vent on top that allows the pilot to release hot hair every time that is necessary.

Having a look at the small hill, I think that it couldn’t be more detailed. In such a small area we can find a couple of round seats, a small fire, a couple of torches, and in a higher plan, a beautiful cascade, a nice meal that includes a couple of cups, a bottle and food, a small tree and a few additional elements such as, for instance, a digital camera or even lots of flowers with different colors.

Overall, it looks a really great set. The Balloon, which is extremely well done, is new in the theme, just like Noah, the small hill brings some great stuff to play with, the Mini-dolls are carefully accurate and for around thirty dollars, Friends get a truly addition to the theme. Enjoy the pictures!

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