Lego 41092 – Stephanie’s Pizzeria

The Stephanie’s Pizzeria is one of the new friends’ sets that I’m sure that the girls won’t miss. It’s small with only eighty seven pieces, it’s cheap , around ten dollars and brings a lot of stuff to play with: A pizzeria, a table with two seats , a red motorcycle, a mini-doll, Stephanie and a lot of additional accessories.

The Pizzeria has two separate elements, a small wood oven and a stand that look pretty cool. Stephanie has also a big shovel to put the pizzas inside de oven and a small clip, just aside the door, to store it. The stand presents the same color scheme and features a third pizza on top to identify Stephanie’s business.

If the costumers want to eat the pizzas in the moment, there no problem, thanks to the round table and the couple of seats that also provide same really nice drinks to enjoy. On the other hand if there is an ordering call, Stephanie with its bike will ensure that the Pizzas will be delivered home.

And I like that bike. With an old fashioned design, it has at the back a big white box to store the pizzas and transport them appropriately. Finally a word to Stephanie that is beautifully dressed with a white shirt and pink shorts. With a release date schedule to next January I’m almost sure that we’ll see it on stores a bit earlier, perhaps in December. Enjoy the pictures!

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