Lego 41090 – Olivia’s Garden Pool

Olivia’s Garden Pool is a Friends’ entry set that will soon be available on stores. With only eighty two pieces, it isn’t a reference in terms of playability but it brings some interesting things such as the swimming pool with a slider, a mini-doll, Olivia, and a few additional accessories such as a yellow float, a radio, a ball, a small table with drinks next to the pool and even a small frog.

The pool is obviously the main attraction and, despite its small size, it shows some interesting details such as the sun shade or the table with some drinks. Not being a must in terms of building experience, the pool has plenty of round shapes and shows a complete integration with the purple slider.

The slider is also quite simple to build and features three ladders at the back that together with a small black brick on top allows different sliding angle to Olivia and her friends. Inside the water they can enjoy the water by playing with the yellow ball, listening to the music or just by relaxing on top of the float.

Overall it’s not a must but it definitely seems a good opportunity to add some extra elements to other bigger friends’ sets. Olivia looks pretty nice with her purple swimming suit, the pool is also really cool, I didn’t mentioned but I especially like all those white round bricks and for the price, around ten dollars, I’m sure that there will be a lot of fan waiting for it. Enjoy the pics!

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