Lego 41086 – Vet Ambulance

I know a girl that will surely beg me to buy this little car. And absolutely, she has reasons for that! This new Vet Ambulance is a new friends set that will be available next January perhaps a bit earlier and is one of the new friend’s entry sets of the 2015 wave!

With only eighty nine pieces and a lot of different colors, the set features a little nice car, a mini doll, Emma, a mini stretcher for the animals, a porcupine and a small bush with a single pink flower.

The car despite its small size (only 8*4 studs) looks very cute! Built mostly with a color scheme that mixes blue, pink and white it features inside besides the driver’s seat and steering wheel, a small space to carry the stretcher. A couple of stickers, at the back with a dog paw also indicate that we’re in present of a vet’s vehicle.

As an addition to the friends’ collection or as a way to enter the theme, this Vet Ambulance looks absolutely a really nice option. The tiny vehicle looks pretty cool, Emma with her blue shirt and green short looks also beautiful and for around ten dollars I would say that we couldn’t ask for more! Have a look at the pictures!

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