Lego 41074 – Azari and the Magical Bakery

This new Elves set features a pretty colored bakery with all the necessary requirements as well as some really nice details in the outside space. With exactly three hundred and twenty four pieces, it brings the magic building with an endless number of accessories and two mini-dolls: Azari Firedancer and Johnny Baker.

This bakery is not properly a building with four walls and a roof but I think that it wins a lot in terms of playability. Inside, at the corner, there is a big oven (it seems to be excavated in the rock) with three small doors to cook a bunch of really nice cakes.

Aziri and Johnny have plenty of tools and accessories to work with in order to make all the pastry, namely two benches with several different bottles, a rolling pin, a couple of containers for kneading dough and the oven has an useful tray to put the mass and take the cakes out, without burning the hands.

Outside the bakery, there is a small esplanade with a round table, two seats and some pretty cakes ready to eat. It is also possible to observe all the details of the main wall that include a pink roof, two arches, one for the door and the other with an open window to sell the pastry and of course lots of small details such as two flames, over the door, the couple of small bakery logos and nearby the door, the available menu.

At the corner, the big grey rock with the oven, which is made with lots of sharp pieces, assume a completely different role on the outside, showing a long fire cascade that ends in the garden just near the seats. On the top, there is also a tree with a couple of purple benches and a few flowers.

Overall, this is a really nice Elves set, with some interesting details and a lot of stuff to play with. The two dolls and the small kitty are also nicely accurate and best of all, this Magical Bakery is already available on retail with a price around the thirty dollars.

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