Lego 41072 – Naida’s Spa Secret

Naida’s Spa Secret is a new Elves set with around two hundred pieces that will soon be released. It features a beautiful Spa with a water fall, a daybed with lots of accessories a new mini-doll, Naida and a purple dolphin called Delphia.

The new theme, Elves, is definitely a really nice alternative for girls to complement Friends. The similarities are huge starting by the bunch of different color shades. On the other hand, the list of accessories is also quite impressive: a couple of beauty lotions, a hairbrush, an opening diary, a letter, a perfume bottle, hair accessories, drink, board game, basket and even a magical map which gives this set a huge potential in terms of playability.

The daybed is built upon a round base and integrated in a brown tree from where a small water seems to born. The tree has a few branches with lots of flowers and among the several bottles there is also space for a small bed with lots of pillows and a compartment to store a diary.

The Spa is absolutely the most beautiful part of the set. With a pretty detailed pool placed between a couple of branches, it features a big water fall and two taps to control the temperature, lots of bottles for Naida, a tricky mechanism, triggered in the branch that will reveal a map and of course once again lots of different colors that make this set extremely beautiful. Naida is a new character and globally it seems quite similar to Friends girls showing an accurate blue suite and blond hair.

Globally this magic theme will definitely be a success among the girls, at least according to my first home reactions. It conceals all the color and playability of Friends with a pinch of magic and this set looks definitely a good example. The Spa looks quite tempting and I guess that fro around twenty dollars this is absolutely a good start!

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