Lego 41061 – Jasmine’s Exotic Palace

I’m not the most enthusiastic fan of this Disney Princess theme, but I must admit that this looks a pretty nice entry set. It’s not big, it has a bit less than hundred and fifty pieces and as a consequence it’s not expensive, so it seems a good option for the girls to start enjoying these sets.

The Jasmine Exotic Palace brings, besides the Palace and Princess Jasmine, a lot of additional elements to play with namely a nice blue flying carpet, a small white fountain, a small stand that intends to recreate a market, a palm tree, a small tiger, a basket with a snake and also a magic lamp. As you can see the playability is absolutely guaranteed.

The Palace is very simple, it couldn’t be of other way, but it shows plenty of color and a considerable area filled with stickers. On the top there are plenty of golden bricks, typical of this kingdom and entering through the big central arch it’s possible to see the magic lamp on top of a small stand.

The magic carpet looks pretty cool and has the appropriate space for the princess and a single stud for the Tiger. In the market, the colored sale stand shows a few interesting details that include two bottles of different colors that clearly contrasts with the white fountain. The palm tree is built upon a 4*4 plate with plenty of small bricks and seems to have nearby a small piece of meat.

Globally I would say that two major features highlight from the rest: color and playability. The girls will certainly enjoy all these small elements that will certainly get even better with a bigger set next to them. The Jasmine’s Palace is already available and retails around the twenty dollars.

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