Lego 41059 – Jungle Tree House

The JungleTree House is a new Friends set that will be released next summer and the only one that was still unknown in terms of images. The first pictures were posted on Eurobricks and for know there are no details in terms of price or number of pieces, however it’s not hard to speculate a reasonable price target.

Looking at the pictures, which, for now, are no more than a couple of zooms of the set box, it’s possible to see that the set will bring only a mini doll (that will be Mia), at least four pets (a monkey, a bird, a cat and a small turtle), the big tree house and as usual lots of small accessories.

The jungle House structure is made with many small pieces, which might take it to something around the three hundred in terms of number of bricks and thirty dollars if we think about its price. Not being a true fan of this theme, I must agree however that this ser is awesome in terms of playability.

The Jungle Tree House is built over a green plate with several brown shades and has three distinct levels and an endless list of nice features to play with. The monkey has, on top, a big green liana to slide down, the yellow bird has a small pink house and I guess that everyone of them might have a good bath in the purple bucket.

Besides that, Mia has at its disposal a nice work table with a small seat, a laptop and an unsual microscope to make all the researches. And if it wasn’t enough, a lot of accessories are also available for Mia: a yellow walkie-talkie (it’s the first time that I see this one), some binoculars, a blue purse, and plenty of different food for the animals.

Overall, if you’re searching for small accessories, this is definitely the right target. The set isn’t very big and is clearly made with many small bricks which might increase its final price without having a correspondent proportion in its size. The mini-figures, this time, aren’t much but on the other hand the small accessories and features are definitely in huge number.

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