Lego 41056 – Heartlake News Van

The Heartlake News Van is a new Friends’ set that features one of the greatest vehicles that this theme has ever released. The box, among a total of almost three hundred pieces brings, besides the van, a nice road map, a big white fountain, a small balcony with a seat and a tall spot light for the live broadcasts and two mini dolls: Emma and Andrew.

With a cab slightly increased in terms of space, which is understandable due to the minidoll’s size, inside there is a nice pink seat and the traditional steering wheel. There are no side doors this time but, luckily, the cabin is connected with the rest of the van which immediately gives the sensation of a bigger interior space.

The access to the back of the vehicle couldn’t be better, because the right side of the van and the roof open widely (just like the camper vans and the police mobile units respectively), showing some really nice features to play with. Inside we can see a small makeup table with a big glass, a desktop and also what it seems a big flat monitor that, together with the big satellite dish, ensures all the communications that the reporters need for their live broadcasts.

The vehicle itself, as a whole, looks absolutely great, with some really nice colors and most of all keeping the usual shapes for these kinds of vans. The other accessories didn’t impress me that much but I must confess that with all of them, the girls surely will be able to create multiple scenarios to play with.

Overall, this seems a great vehicle to play with and to add to any friends or city collection. The News Van brings a lot of stuff to play with, outside and inside the car, two accurate figures and the price, around the thirty dollars are in line with the rest of the theme. Have a look at the pictures and enjoy!!

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