Lego 41039 – Sunshine Ranch

The Sunshine Ranch is until the moment the biggest friends’ set of the 2014 sets. It brings more than seven hundred pieces and presents a lot of stuff to play with. Let’s see if I don’t forget anything…

Besides the pink house there are two mini-figures (Mia and Liza), a bunch of different animals (three horses, two rabbits, a little cat and a chicken), a poultry, a hutch, a big tree and a lot of endless tools and food for the girls to take care of the animals, and accessories like a couple of fences and even a red wheelbarrow.

Friends’ sets usually bring a lot of different colors and this one follows that tendency! Starting by the building, it has a arch shape and is mostly built with dark pink and white bricks and features two levels, the ground floor with a couple of horse stables and the first floor with a couple of interesting rooms.

The ground floor is composed by two stables on the edges, each one with pink doors at the front and a small open space at the back. The horses can’t complain about space and one of them has also room to store their food. In the middle, a big central arch presents the entrance and gives this part a very beautiful look. As always there are little flowers and green branches everywhere!

The first floor is symmetrically divided, presenting a couple of rooms with interesting features. On one side we can see a small table with food and some flowers, a small white locker and an unusual fire place at the corner. On the other there is what it seems to be a small room with a kitchenette for the girls.

Looking to the front, the first floor assumes a round shape and the roof reveals a curious feature: on both sides there is a small trapdoor disguised with some branches which allows a better access to the interior, especially to those parts that are near the edges. Finally, at the front there are a couple of white doors possibly with stickers that look pretty but honestly I don’t understand its meaning because one step through it and it’s a fall into the abyss….

The poultry is built with many small pieces of different color and has a nice little ramp for the chicken as well a small purple shed. On the other hand the rabbits aren’t so lucky because their hutch is in the ground and has only a few small fences to protect them. The horses are definitely very nice and honestly I can’t say which one is my favorite!

Finally there are many little details all over the places that make this house quite especial for the girls: The little flowers scattered everywhere, the bunch of nice personal accessories for Mia and Liza, the stickers that this time are a truly added value and once again the three horses that are definitely very cute!

Globally it looks a pretty nice set. There is animation and color everywhere and most of all a lot of stuff to play with. The retail price for know is not completely known but according to the past it’s expected something around the eighty dollars. Please enjoy the pictures:

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