Lego 41037 – Stephanie’s Beach House

Not being the most enthusiastic fan of this theme, I must say that once again the fans have been presented with a really great set. The seaside sets are always very pleasant and this one is definitely a great addition, featuring a two floor house with a great terrace, just next to the sea , a windsurf board and a tools box for the girls among a total of almost three hundred and seventy pieces.

Mostly “painted” with yellow shades, the ground floor has a nice terrace, with a round table, a big sound equipment, two seats and ice creams and drinks for girls. At a corner, a small harbor, built over the water (a considerable light blue plate) allows Stephanie or Kate to enter the water reach the house with the board.

In terms of inside details, the pictures aren’t the best for know, but through the set box picture it is possible to observe an open space with what it seems to be a small kitchen with all the necessary stuff for a nice meal and a pink counter with two seats. On the ceiling a big white lamp ensures the correct illumination at night.

Continuing in the interior, the first floor is divided in two rooms, on one side a small bathroom with a big window, and just next to it, a bedroom with sufficient space for a couple of beds that can be easily transformed in a sofa for the girls. Just like the ground level there is glass everywhere, including the door for a small balcony with a binocular, all along the house, just above the terrace.

Overall we’re in presence once again of a nice deal. The house looks absolutely pretty nice with plenty of stuff to play with, the terrace just at the front is really very beautiful (for me it’s the best part of the house, and if we consider the price, probably around the forty dollars, I would say that it’s a good opportunity for buying a friends building for a nice price. Please have a look at the gallery:

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