Lego 41035 – Heartlake Juice Bar

At the first look, it seems more of the same, a big cafe filled with glass surface all around and lots of stuff for the girls to play with. And in fact, I think it is, but with a big major difference that might make all the difference: there is orange everywhere, it is probably the set with more orange bricks, which will definitely makes it quite unusual but very beautiful at the same tome.

The Heart Juice Bar has around two hundred and seventy pieces and besides the colored juice bar, it also features two mini-dolls, Andrea and Naya, and a lot of nice features and accessories for the girls to play with.

Built over a yellow base, the entire bar’s front is made with big glace windows and a door at the corner. The outside is simple but pleasant and presents a big sun terrace with a table and a couple of seats, all made with different colors, flowers, as usual, and a small entrance mat just in front of the door. On top, the roof uses mostly round bricks and in the tallest part there’s a nice outdoor with plenty of fruit stickers which makes a really nice effect.

Entering the bar, the costumers have space to enjoy some really nice drinks and a big balcony over the entire length where most of the bar equipment is placed. Just at the front of the door, we can see a nice cash dispenser, made with what I think it is a printed piece, and a small area to deliver the requests.

Next to it, there a couple of juice blenders with squeezers, a small smoothie machine that integrates a round balcony and a white sink with a tab to wash all the fruit. Talking about this one, there is also in the outside a small box to transport and keep it conserved. Strangely, the girls this time have almost no accessories, I thinks that Naya is the only one that seems to have a small purse.

Overall, I guess that this looks a really nice addition, especially if you don’t have any Heartlake cafes or bars. The color scheme couldn’t be better, for me is the best part of the set, and the price seems nice and fair according to the number of pieces that it contains: thirty dollars is what it will cost! Enjoy the pics!

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