Lego 41026 – Sunshine Harvard

Olivia decided to present the fans with a nice countryside set. With two hundred and thirty three pieces, the Sunshine Harvard features some really nice elements with special relevance for the blue tractor and its trailer. But there is more, besides it, we can also find a small garden, a pretty nice stand to sell some vegetables, a puppy and its house, a big tree and a few farm accessories for Olivia.

The blue tractor looks a really nice vehicle. Without having any countryside tools or accessories it has the purpose of transport some fresh vegetables to the Olivia’s stand. Built mostly with light blue shades, the vehicle has different wheel sizes, a big engine at the front and a nice seat for Olivia. The trailer is considerably smaller but has space to help and carry some additional goods or tools.

Built over a green plate, the stand has a white structure, a pink awning and a huge countertop with a nice and modern cash register with a balance. All around the stand there are lots of products to sell, possibly directly collected from the small garden and I’m sure that it won’t be hard to do it.

Besides these, there are also two extra parts that will easily integrate with other friends or city sets, namely the big tall tree with large branches and the small puppy house that not being new in this theme, it is surely a nice feature for the girls to play with.

Globally I would say that this set doesn’t present anything new, with the exception of the blue tractor, but on the other hand it gives a new and different countryside touch to the friends’ theme. With this size, I would say that a price around the twenty five dollars would be the most probable. Enjoy the pictures!

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