Lego 41016 – Friends Advent Calendar

The Lego 41016 is the 2013 Friends Advent Calendar that will be on stores next autumn. With two hundred and thirteen pieces, it will include two dolls that will be Stephanie and Mia and a bunch of nice small accessories that definitely will be a good addition to other bigger friends or, why not, city sets.

The second released Friends advent calendar will provide the girls a bunch of nice things, namely: two small stands built with multiple color pieces, a street lamp with a green branch, the traditional Christmas tree with three nice gifts, a snowman, a white radio, a park bench and a nice fountain and even a small garbage can.

Besides the usual bunch of purple accessories for the girls, In terms of small vehicles you we will find only two: a small snow bike and a yellow sled which is normally usual in this kind of seasonal sets.

Overall, it is always a pleasant opportunity to enjoy the Christmas spirit and add a few things to the major sets. According to the number of pieces that it brings it’s reasonable to expect a retail price around the twenty five dollars. Please have a look at a couple of extra pictures in the gallery:

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