Lego 41013 – Emma’s Sports Car

Like it or not, the friends’ theme, has in most of the sets a bunch of different ideas to have fun with, and many different colors combination which is absolutely great in terms of playability. There are some sets where the feminine features are more pronounced but on the other hand we can find a few that can reasonably become good additions to a traditional city!

Emma’s sports Car is a new friends’ set, available next summer is perhaps one of these. With more than hundred and fifty pieces, the set besides the sport’s car has also a picnic table, a road board with a map, a couple of road signboards and as usual a huge quantity of accessories for Emma.

Starting by the sports car, my first impression is a bit of disappointment because it’s is simply ugly, especially because of those round shapes, on both sides, which simply didn’t convinced me. There is no kind of side doors which is also unpleasant but on the other hand, the new windshield is definitely great.

Besides it, this new convertible has also a new engine hood, a nice cockpit for Emma with a long yellow seat with a steering wheel with a yellow radio and at the back there is room for a white puppy and the traditional bunch of ladies’ accessories such as a blue handbag, a digital camera and even what it looks a new GPS (at least it is a nice printed piece)!

What’s the purpose of the set? Eventually, go for a nice ride through the hills to make a great picnic. And for that she will find available, somewhere in a park, a nice picnic table with a couple of seats, beautiful flowers somewhere in the countryside and plenty of space to enjoy the view and have a nice sandwich together with a fresh juice!

Next to the road there is also a board with a posted map, which is definitely an unusual feature but at the same time very nice. Overall for about twenty dollars looks, this set despite my question marks about the car, has definitely another interesting features but if we look only to the vehicle I still prefer the older 3183, Cool convertible from Stephanie! Have a look at the gallery:

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