Lego 41010 – Olivia’s Beach Buggy

Well, only for the fact that it recreates a beach environment, for me it’s more than enough to enjoy this little set. Obviously the Beach Buggy brings more than that! Besides the Buggy, driven by Olivia, the set has also a little beach stand where the sunbathers can refresh them self’s with ice creams, juice and even plenty of different fruit, and best of all a beach coconut tree.

With exactly ninety five pieces, this friends’ set is definitely a good addition to the theme, and also to the aquatic part of a city, being a great complement for the Marina, or even to the new Dolphin Cruiser, for instance. The building experience isn´t much but there are some interesting details such as the pineapple and also the coconuts in the branches.The small buggy, made with white and purple pieces is slightly raised which is normal in this type of sand vehicles, it has a good cockpit with plenty of space, a windshield that also protects the driver from the side wind and at the back there is space for a small toolbox, and of course to Olivia transport its board.

The beach stand, made with sand shades, has a small box, next to it, with different kinds of fruit and it is easy to imagine a banana, an apple, an orange and even a great pineapple over the stand. Finally, there is a big coconut tree with four branches with a couple of hanging fruits, which definitely is an unusual tree, but pretty nice at the same time.

Olivia obviously is dressed with beach clothes and ready to have a big bath in the sea and surf along the waves with the blue board. For ten dollars we can’t ask much more. It is a pretty colored set with a reasonable playability and definitely a good addition to other sea sets. Have a look at additional pictures:

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