Lego 41009 – Andrea’s Bedroom

The Andrea’s Bedroom is a small set that will be released next summer, in the second wave on the friends’ sets. I’m sure that the girls will be delighted with it, thanks again to the bunch of different colors, endless accessories and of course because of the new and accurate features that are presented.

With only seventy five pieces, this set brings a lot of different stuff that includes a nice bed that can be simultaneously a sofa, a dresser, made with white and purple pieces, with three nice perfume bottles on the top and a lipstick, a white table with a reasonable size and best of all a nice dressing table.The Dressing table, made with the same color shade of the corner dresser, has more than enough for Andrea to feel a star. With a big round glass in the middle, it has also four little lights above it which gives it a complete star look, giving the sensation of being in a dressing room.

But, we’ve just started because there are also two small cabinets, a nice small seat and a big bunch of stuff that include hairbrushes, a hairdryer, a couple of combs some blue accessories for the hair. The white table includes a nice black notebook and a jar with the traditional city flowers.

Definitely this looks a nice entry set for the girls. For less than ten dollars this is a nice opportunity to add a great complement to other bigger friends’ sets or on another perspective to achieve a nice bunch of features for a small price. Have a look at additional pictures:

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