Lego 41008 Friends – Heartlake City Pool

The Heartlake City Pool is a 2013 friends set and perhaps one of the biggest releases of the theme. With more than four hundred and twenty pieces, the set has two girls, Andrea and Isabella, and multiple attractions that go far away from the big pool structure. Besides this one, there is also a bar, a toilet with an outside shower and a nice esplanade with a nice table and two seats and a couple deck chairs for the ladies get some sun baths.

Starting by the smaller features, the bar is really very nice. Built over a green plate, it looks like a small cabin with plenty of color. Inside there is room for a small grill and a cash register. Outside, there is a white publicity panel where we can see that the girls can also have some ice creams, juices, or even a big hotdog. I especially enjoyed, in this part, the six little color lights just above the balcony.

Next to it or placed elsewhere, we can find a nice
leisure area with long chairs for a good nap, a table for the drinks and a couple of additional seats. The rose sunshade that is attached to the table is different from the usual having a design rather close to perfection.

On the other hand, the toilet has definitely some really nice details. Outside, there is a shower with hot and cold water, the floor below is different and there is even a little path to avoid the grass, and next to it there is a nice private toilet with salon doors, and covered by a rose roof, identical to the bar.

At last, the set’s core: the big swimming pool. Looking at a glance we can immediately distinguish three different areas: the big blue pool that is basically the water plate that constitutes the base of the entire building, the tower with the nice rose round slide that ends in the water and at the corner a nice Jacuzzi with nice big bubbles.

The pull is decorated with rose studs and has a nice basket and a ball for the ladies to amuse themselves. There are two different accesses, one with a couple of ladders that heads to the Jacuzzi and other one over a corner. Next to it there is a big tower with a tree on the top and personally I must say that is my favorite part because is filled with a bunch of nice details.

There are speakers on both sides, the rose slide, which looks like an original piece, is very close to reality and the big tree over a corner is surely the cherry on the top of the cake. Besides all this bunch of features and color there are also some really nice details in the swimming pool: there are flowers around the Jacuzzi, lights next to the slide and there is even a float in case of accident.

Overall, I must say that the forty dollars are a fair price for such an amusing set. The features are huge, the pool is really very beautiful and it is definitely another great addition to the theme. The girls will surely not miss it, in the beginning of the year!

3 thoughts on “Lego 41008 Friends – Heartlake City Pool

  1. The pool is amazing and so much fun. There are thousands of activities to play with it and the small pieces just complete it. I recommend this to every young girl. Do not listen to cadeu up there at the top.

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